Echoes Of A Clock

by Pearblossom Highway

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Pearblossom Highway's 2nd EP with two tracks of the first EP.
Echoes Of A Clock mark their coming back with a louder and darker intention.

Le 2nd EP de Pearblossom Highway avec deux pistes de leur premier EP. Echoes Of A Clock marque leur retour avec une intention plus lourde et plus sombre.


released March 28, 2014

EP enregistré en décembre 2013 par Christophe Calastreng @ Les pavillons sauvages.

Mixé en Mars 2014 par Christophe Calastreng.

Pochette, visuels réalisés par Marjorie Besch.

Nous tenons à remercier, dans le désordre mais de tout cœur, tous ceux qui nous soutiennent, nous supportent au sens propre comme au figuré, tous ceux qui nous photographient, qui appuient sur des boutons de consoles ou de clavier, ceux nous suivent sur scène, ou à la maison et qui partagent, like, share, follow, bloguent, nos psycolocataires et tous les groupes qui prêtent leur matos à notre bassiste, ils se reconnaitront, ceux qui psychedelic révolutionnent, qui explorent et toutes les oreilles éclectiques avec qui nous progressons, merci à vous tous.

Pearblossom Highway

Guilhem Lequeux, Chant/guitare
Alexandre Roulland, Basse/Clavier
Florent Dupouy, Guitare/Clavier
Pierre Pacific, Batterie



all rights reserved


Pearblossom Highway Toulouse, France

Pearblossom Highway navigue dans un univers mêlé de Rock Psyché, Noise, Drone, shoegaze, et de tout ce qui donne la chair de poule. Depuis son premier Ep en 2013, PBH continue de servir son Rock réverbéré, puissant et chaotique, le tout emmené par un chant exalté et violent. On ne sort pas indemne des compositions sombres de ce quatuor, tantôt oppressantes, tantôt explosives. ... more

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Track Name: Slavery
Echoes of a clock, every second
Sustain their hold over you
Earnings and possessions, turning in circle
Loosing yourself but they hold you
Tight in Slavery

Echoes of a clock, nothing but the void
A dark breaker behind you
Pay your bills
Take your pills
Bend your knees
Not to fall, Not to slide
Ô Slavery !
Track Name: Anguishes
Anguishes are doors
But no path to exit
Anguishes are doors
Please open it
Anguishes are doors
Opening story tellers
Anguishes are doors
White nights makers

Come on enter in
Have a look don’t be shy
it’s getting dark
they can’t hide
Do you recognize yourself
Do you understand yourself
Can I show you, if I may …

His uttered words are obscenes

Won’t you open the door
Won’t you engage the dance
Are you asking yourself what is it for?
To understand yourself ?
To recognize yourself ?
Can I show you, if I may

My scene, My scene !
Crossed by a one winged angel
My scene, My scene,
Crossed by a one winged angel
Trying hardly to lift up my dreams
Track Name: Century Boy
My hands on your plastic breast
Kissing your collagen lips
My god it’s so sweet when love
Transportations replaced by abbreviations
Will it be GFE, Will it be PSE
Will I CIB, Will I CIM ?

I’m a 21st century toy
Don’t know what I’m running for
I’m a 21st century toy
Metrosexual disguised boy

Mixed vibrations, waves of steam
Plastic flowers melt(ed) with screams
Whispers in the emptiness
Of my lonely seeking excitement
I’m replaceable, switchable
Tones of clones waiting behind me
I talk the same, think the same,
Feel the same, fake joy
shared in the connected crowd

I’m non-threatening,
Totally clean silently smiling
Disciplined, on the line, as straight as I can
I talk about nothing
I talk about everything
I watch or hear on the web

We dream the same, feel the same, love the same
We look the same, talk the same, think the same
Track Name: Catch A Light
Could you catch a light
On a paint, on a shape, from a star
And trap it forever
On a paint, on a lip, on a sound
It shines and will shine forever

Could you catch a whisper
A flow over the canvas
A sparkle over the shade
A smile, a doubt an anger
An hallucination

Ô Catch it from the dawn
Or catch it from the dusk
From a field, a dance a flower
Trap the light forever
When the night comes
She’ll be still dancing oh please
And when the dawn comes
She ‘ll still be there , the black queen
Made of all shades
Made of all scales
Trap the Queen
Catch the black
Catch the light
Track Name: Sense Of Shame
Reward the shallowest,
Reward the dumbest
Reward the meanest
Reward the loudest
No longer have any sense of decency.
No longer have any sense of shame.
No right or wrong anymore
No sense of shame anymore

The worst people qualities are
Celebrated, celebrated !
Lying and spreading fear‘s fine
As long as you make money doing it,
As long as we earn our money doing it
You’re supposed to celebrate this
No sense of shame anymore

We've become a nation
Of slogan-saying,
We've lost our kindness, We've lost our souls.
All under the guise to be edgy
Could we pander any harder
That’s not the Edge
That’s what sells
Track Name: You Should Care
I run, I run, I run
Displaying a zest of vanity,
Melted with an once of cupidity

I travel, I travel, I travel
Ancient recipes are always the best
For decades I used them, I swear

I exult, exult, exult
Collecting the fruits of greediness
I’m fat my goodness, If I dare

And I laugh, laugh, laugh
At those for whom there’s three books
At those for whom I’m the devil if you look.
The devil if you look, if you look

I’m a trader, I’m a liar, I’m your chief, I’m the thief.

You should care
You should care
You should care
You should care